Automation Readiness Assessment

Our strategic Automation Readiness Assessment (ARA) engagements are built for M&A transactions. We'll assess your target business to give you the insights you need to take action and plan ahead.

Workflow Mapping

We dive deep into key workflows to uncover inefficiencies and pinpoint precise opportunities for streamlined automation.

Stakeholder Interviews

We conduct comprehensive interviews with key stakeholders to understand current challenges and future opportunities.

Tool & Data Recommendations

Identify and recommend essential technology and robust data solutions that integrate into the business you're assessing.

Opportunity & Cost Findings

We document strategic opportunities positioning using automation, software, and more so you can seize competitive advantages in a fast-evolving marketplace.

Automation Roadmap

Chart a clear path for your digital transformation journey, prioritizing impactful automation & AI initiatives.

AI Readiness

Evaluate your AI potential and prepare the business for the integration of data-driven solutions.


Unlock greater value in your acquisitions

Efficiency unleashed

Transform your acquisitions by automating critical workflows, unleashing efficiency, and scalability across departments. Say goodbye to manual gridlocks and hello to a streamlined, faster-moving business.

Improve business-critical systems

Empower teams with the autonomy to customize and enhance their tools, driving significant improvements in operational metrics without added headcount. Automation bridges the gap between potential and performance, ensuring every system operates at its peak.

Stay ahead of the pack

Outpace the competition by equipping your target company with flexible, no-code automation solutions that can integrate seamlessly with existing tech stacks. Elevate their processes and safeguard your data, ensuring they're always at the forefront of innovation and security.

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Assess a company’s readiness and potential for Automation & AI

Our affordable and fast Automation Readiness Assessments (ARA's) are custom-built to deliver critical insights in a tight diligence timeframe. Book a call to share more about your deal and learn how we can help.