Automation for Sales teams

How sales & RevOps teams are using automation

Lead nurturing

Automate follow-ups and personalized messages to guide leads through the sales funnel, ensuring consistent engagement and higher conversion rates.

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We build dozens of new automations every month. Check out our Little Book of Big Automations to see some of our most popular.

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Sales analytics

Collect and analyze sales data automatically, offering insights into performance trends, helping your team make data-driven decisions.

Customer retention

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by using automation to provide timely responses, updates, and personalized outreach.

Quote generation

Speed up the process of generating quotes and proposals by automating the retrieval of pricing and product information, allowing your sales team to respond to opportunities faster.

Contract management

Streamline the entire contract process from creation to signing by automating workflows, reminders, and approvals, ensuring a seamless experience and quicker close rates.


What automation can do for your team

Accelerate growth
Drive efficiency
Elevate customer relationships
Gain a competitive edge

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Our approach to workflow automation services helps you streamline work across your company and give people time back.

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Sustainable approach

We introduce gradual improvements, ensuring effective and lasting changes.

Modern consulting

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Flexible working models

Our flexible, no commitment plans offer the freedom to adapt as your needs change.