Automation for Exec teams & Founders

How founders and execs are using automation

Unify data and teams

Connect initiatives happening across your business to keep teams aligned and work on track.

Want more automation ideas?

We build dozens of new automations every month. Check out our Little Book of Big Automations to see some of our most popular.

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Strategic reporting

Get key insights at your fingertips with automated data collection and analysis, helping you make informed decisions quickly.

Customer engagement

Elevate customer interactions with automated, personalized follow-ups, increasing satisfaction and loyalty.

Sales funnel optimization

Automate the tracking and nurturing of leads through your sales funnel, allowing for personalized engagement and higher conversion rates.

Talent onboarding

Ensure a smooth and consistent onboarding experience for new hires by automating essential first-day tasks and information dissemination.


What automation can do for your company

Accelerate growth
Drive efficiency
Raise retention
Gain a competitive edge

Power your growth

Our approach to workflow automation services helps you streamline work across your company and give people time back.

Done with or for you

Collaborate or let us handle everything. Our services fit your unique needs.

Sustainable approach

We introduce gradual improvements, ensuring effective and lasting changes.

Modern consulting

Continuously improving and cutting through fluff, we focus on substance and results.

Flexible working models

Our flexible, no commitment plans offer the freedom to adapt as your needs change.

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